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​   COPYRIGHT ​​​​​​​​​​​© MKJ LINTUNEN   


Abstract Nouveau
by self taught Artist

MKJ Lintunen​​.

My early discovery of art begun
with boxed oil colours &
accidental mess, called oil painting?
Later on my passionate
creative journey grew toward
photography and writing..
On the way I also had to
personally experience why' how
our human society is often
surrounded and filled with
unnecessary​ fear, hate,
negativity and endless
political oppression?
Without listening our inner voice,
reaching toward sunlight and
reconnect with nature.
We could easily get lost from
the path of creativity,
happiness and sanity.
 I've always been kind of visionary
dreamer & world citizen.
Never truly belonged to any particular
country, language, religion or culture.
I preferred to adapt & embrace
our beautiful planet earth
as our home and
treat all of it's life 
as loving gift.
" Be Freedom, the Only
   Space in Universe. "
 MKJ Lintunen



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